Posted On December 18, 2011

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I was born back in 1984 in rural Pennsylvania. My childhood was mainly spent in Southern Chester County and included making mudpies, god’s eyes, eating fresh raspberries off the bush while barefoot, playing in the sprinkler, and finally gaining neighbors when I was about eight. My parents and I uped and moved to England for two years when I was 12, and my Mom told me years later that she was secretly thankful this mellowed my Chester County accent. We moved back when I was 13 and I ended up at a high school in Delaware, and this is where I got my first taste of stained glass. I knew from the moment I touched it that this was my material.
Later I graduated from the University of Delaware with a dual degree in Anthropology and Art History. After 4 years living in London and managing a shop on Portobello Road I moved back to Pennsylvania in February 2011.
I feel very lucky that I have reached a transition in my life that allows me to return to my stained glass. For me, art has always had a 3-dimensional, tactile element. Maybe I got my start in those mudpies, who knows. I get absorbed in the process of stained glass sculpture. I often make drawings ahead of time and sometimes cut paper patterns to work from, but more often than not I get lost in the process and improvise my way. This allows me to become one with my work, and I think it shows. The ideas flow from my head, to my hands and into the glass itself.

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